Monday, October 10, 2016 - Berryville

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2016 - Student Leadership Conference in Berryville2016 Student Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference that was scheduled for October 10 at Keystone Christian Academy was canceled.

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What Students Have Said About Past Conferences in Berryville
"I was taught that keeping silent can mean approval.  There have been a lot of things in my life that I kept silent about when I knew I shouldn't.  I hope I can speak up next time."
"The Lord spoke to me today about servant leadership.  Knowing that I have been bought and saved by the blood of Christ, I realize that serving Him is a big responsibility.  I want to go back into my school and find the needs of my student body and share Christ's love with prayer and thanksgiving."
"Being a senior in my Christian high school I learned that I needed to not only be just a leader, but a Godly leader.  I need to be like Christ and humble myself and be a help to those in need.  I need to minister and be a servant to the young kids as well as my age group."
"Real leaders must be willing to serve.  You cannot be an effective leader without service.  Popularity is not required to be a leader.  Each of us can be a leader in our schools.  There can be more than one leader in each school."
"Principle 6, 'Godly choices help others make Godly choices.'  As a senior, younger classmen look up to you as an example.  I want to make the right choices and influence my student body in the right way."
"The Lord really spoke to me, especially about honoring my parents."

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