Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - Virginia Beach

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2016 - October Leadership Conference in Virginia Beach2016 Student Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference this year took place on October 11 at Tabernacle Baptist Academy in Virginia Beach.   Three schools and about 45 students participated.  Students enjoyed a great day of challenge and encouragement as they learned what the Bible says about the Biblical Leader and His Friends.  Guest speakers Steve Wetterlund and Jon Daulton admonished the young people to reflect the light of Jesus Christ to a culture steeped in darkness.

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What Students Have Said About Past Conferences in Virginia Beach
"I have learned today many different things that can help me in my life as I strive to please the Lord.  One thing that stood out to me was serving others and reaching out to others.  God was a servant, and we should follow His lead.  Also, you never know what people are going through, so you should be nice to every one around you."
"During this conference the Lord has taught me that the choices I make are important and will affect my life.  Everything I do should be for the glory of God.  I need to look for a need and pursue it till the end.  God is there for me, and we need to please God."
"Choosing to please God seems like it is the hardest choice, but in the end it really is the easiest because of the blessings we can receive."
"I have to learn to be more responsible with each and every choice that I will have to make within my life.  I need to learn to be a better and more willing servant towards God and towards others."
"For my entire life I've been told I'm a leader, and this conference has helped me realize how I can best utilize my abilities to please God and lead the right way."
"Myself, my wants, feelings, and pride are not important.  God's will is what I need to put as my goal."
"I should have a loving attitude toward those I may not always get along with.  Always keep a serving attitude.  Remember that consequences will always be there no matter the decision."

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