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Current Issues on Capitol Hill

White House Issues Preschool Plan for "All Americans."

In a recent effort to expand federal influence and control over America's preschools, the White House has issued its "Plan for Early Education for All Americans."  Please visit the Day Care Issues page of this sight to learn more about this troubling effort to increase the power of the U. S. Education Department.

Universal Pre-K Agenda (2015)

As the federal government and states continue their push to expand the role of government in the rearing of children, ODACS continues to oppose the Universal Pre-K agenda.  Educators, lawmakers, and bureaucrats have dusted off the decades-old and failed promises of compulsory kindergarten and are now offering those same promises if we just let them begin training our children at an even earlier age.  Inevitably, as the agenda progresses, questions must arise about what students will be taught, who will teach them, and with whom does the primary responsibility for rearing children lie.  Recent preschool policy proposals by the federal government make clear its answers to these questions:  small children should be taught a federally-approved curriculum free from religious instruction, preschool children should be taught by "experts" who are approved by the federal government and who know better than parents how children are to be reared, and the government's interest in the rearing of children supersedes the interest of the parents.


Sample Pre-K Letter, House          Sample Pre-K Letter, Senate

Preschool Policy Articles by the Heritage Foundation

ESEA Reauthorization (2015)

In 2001, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was reauthorized as No Child Left Behind.  While ODACS has not been supportive of No Child Left Behind generally, there is specific language in NCLB that protects the freedoms of private Christian schools.  Section 9527 prohibits the establishment of a national curriculum, Section 9529 prohibits the establish of a national testing system, Section 9530 prohibits the establishment of mandatory national teacher certification, and Section 9531 prohibits the establishment of a national student database.  ODACS has repeatedly requested of Virginia's members of Congress that they support keeping this language in the new ESEA.  Please contact your member of Congress and ask him or her to support leaving these important protections for private Christian schools in the new ESEA.

ODACS Supports Protective Language for Private Schools

ODACS Opposes Amending ESEA to Include Competitive Grants for Pre-K

Sample ESEA Letter, House, 2015          Sample ESEA Letter, Senate, 2015

Sample S. 1380 Letter, Senate, 2015

Text of H. R. 5, Student Success Act

Text of S. 1380, Strong Start for America's Children Act of 2015

ESEA Issue Brief     ESEA Talking Points

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Pro-Life Victims of Discrimination

Religious Freedom and the HHS Mandate     Victims of the HHS Mandate

Health Care Conscience Rights Act (2013)

Among the many flaws of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is its assault on religious liberty.  The contraceptive mandate being handed down by the Department of Health and Human Services does much more that merely require employers in religious ministries to provide their employees insurance coverage for contraceptive measures that may be a violation of conscience; the mandate sets a dangerous precedent for government intrusion into matters of religious liberty.  ODACS supports any legislation that would continue protections for religious liberties that American church ministries have long enjoyed.  ODACS SUPPORTS THIS BILL.

Sample Letter, House, 2013     Sample Letter, Senate, 2013

Text of H.R. 940     AACS Public Comment on HHS Contraceptive Mandate

Heritage Foundation - Article about the HHS Mandate

Parental Rights Amendment (2012)

The Parental Rights Amendment would establish in the U. S. Constitution the fact that parents, not government, have the primary right and responsibility regarding the upbringing of their children.  It would forbid the federal government from entering into any international treaty that would undermine parental rights.  Please contact your member of Congress and ask him or her to cosponsor a Parental Rights Amendment bill!  ODACS SUPPORTED THIS BILL.

Sample Letter, House     Sample Letter, Senate

Text of the Bill

Heritage Foundation - Articles about Parental Rights

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