Invitational Bible Quiz Tournaments

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Next Tournament Set for January 28!

The following schools have registered teams for the January 28 tournament at Great Hope Baptist School.

Bethel Great Hope Heritage Indian Creek Old Paths, PA
Elementary 0 2 1 1 2
Junior High 1 2 1 0 1
Senior High 0 2 2 0 1

Information Letter for January 28

Tentative Schedule for January 28

Quiz Panel Nomination Form

Large Crowd Watches Quizzing on January 30, 2016!Bible Quiz

Old Paths, Heritage, and Florida took top honors in Levels I, II, and III at the ODACS Bible Quiz Tournament on January 30!  About 200 attended the event at Valley Baptist Christian School where 20 teams, 7 schools, and 4 states were represented!

Results of the January 30 Tournament at Valley
Level I Level II Level III
1st Place Old Paths, PA, Team 2 Heritage, Team 2 Faith, FL
2nd Place Old Paths, PA Team 1 Great Hope, Team 2 Old Paths, PA
3rd Place Temple, Herndon Heritage, Team 1 Great Hope, Team 2

For 2016-2017, Junior High and Senior High quizzers will study the books of Romans and James.  Elementary quizzers will study Romans 1-10.

Past Tournament Results

Bible Quizzing Rules

Bible Quiz Score Sheet