Invitational Bible Quiz Tournaments

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Heritage, Old Paths Claim Top Honors at January 28 Quzzing!Bible Quiz

Old Paths took top honors in Levels I and III, while Heritage claimed the top spot in Level II at the ODACS Bible Quiz Tournament on January 28!  Eleven students earned All-Star Quizzer medallions!

Results of the January 28 Tournament at Great Hope
Level I Level II Level III
1st Place Old Paths, PA, Team 1
Old Paths, PA
2nd Place Old Paths, PA Team 2
Old Paths, PA
Great Hope, Team 1
3rd Place Heritage
Great Hope, Team 1 Great Hope, Team 2

For 2017-2018, Junior High and Senior High quizzers will study the books of Mark, I John, II John, III John, and Jude.  Elementary quizzers will study I John, II John, III John, and Jude.

Past Tournament Results

Bible Quizzing Rules

Bible Quiz Score Sheet