Invitational Bible Quiz Tournaments

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Old Paths Sweeps Tournament at Fairfax!Bible Quizzing

Seven schools and 23 teams competed on January 27 Fairfax Baptist Temple.  The guests from Old Paths in Pennsylvania finished first in all three divisions!

Results of the January 27 Tournament
Level I
Level II
Junior High
Level III
Senior High
1st Place
Old Paths Old Paths 2 Old Paths
2nd Place
Temple Old Paths 1 Florida
3rd Place
Fairfax 2
Great Hope Great Hope 1
All-Star Quizzers
Level I
Lydia Angus, OP; Jed Kidd, HW; Josiah Lawrence, TH; Desiree Nyiratunga, FBF; Adrian Orozco, GH
Level II Timothy Angus, OP; Josh Cler, OP; Blake Harrell, GH; Alyssa Keenan, OP; Chloe Kidd, HW
Level III Elizabeth Angus, OP; Abigail Bischoff, HW; Charity Cler, OP; Daniel Cler, OP; Jacob-Mikal Dorsey, GH; Rachel Higgins, GH; Sam Kidd, HW; Jennifer Rueb, GH; Chloe Wilson, GH; Joseph Young, FL

Old Paths, Heritage, and Fairfax Take Home Trophies from January 6 Tournament!

Elementary quizzers stole the spotlight at the second invitational tournament of the 2017-2018 school year!

Results for January 6, 2018, at Heritage
Level I Level II Level III
1st Place Old Paths, PA Heritage
Heritage, Team 1
2nd Place Heritage

Heritage, Team 2
3rd Place Fairfax, Team 2
All-Star Quizzers
Level I Lydia Angus, OP; Timothy Angus, OP; Briana Keenan, OP; Josiah Lawrence, TH

For 2017-2018, Junior High and Senior High quizzers will study the books of Mark, I John, II John, III John, and Jude.  Elementary quizzers will study I John, II John, III John, and Jude.

Past Tournament Results

Bible Quizzing Rules

Bible Quiz Score Sheet